Gerry DunphyInforma Markets IFSEC和FIREX International战略总监 Strategy Director IFSEC & FIREX International, Informa Markets


目前全球安防市场的总估值为 850 亿美元,欧洲占该市场的 20%以上。 它是仅次于中国和美国的全球第三大市场,为安防制造商和服务提供商提供了成熟而综合的发展业务的机会。本演讲将探讨当前的市场趋势和对未来五年的预测,以帮助制造商考虑其公司战略和出口机会。 本次演讲主要注重于:1)欧盟和英国市场规模估测;2)关键部门的成长型领域:闭路电视,访问,控制,入侵者检测,周边保护;3)垂直行业的成长型领域:运输,零售,商业,医疗保健,国家基础设施;4)影响因素:政治局势,反恐实践;5)发展主题:融合安防实践,集成,网络和物理互通,智能大楼和大楼管理系统的发展。DESCRIPTION

The global security market is currently valued at USD$85bn and Europe represents over 20% of this market. It is the third highest market in the world after China and the USA and presents security manufacturers and service providers with a mature and sophisticated opportunity to grow their businesses. This presentation will look at current market trends and forecasts for the next five years in order to help manufacturers consider their strategies and export opportunities. In particular the presentation will look at: 1) EU and UK market size estimates; 2)Growth areas in key sectors: CCTV, access, control, intruder detection, perimeter protection; 3)Growth areas in vertical sectors: transport, retail, commerce, healthcare, national infrastructure; 4)nfluencing factors: political situations, counter terrorism practices; 5)Developing themes: converged security practices, integration, cyber & physical overlaps, growth of smart buildings and building management systems. 

国际安防展览会是安全领域全球最著名的贸易展览会之一,在过去 45 年来成功地将客户汇集团结在一起。Gerry Dunphy has led IFSEC and FIREX for over seventeen years and has significant relationships with all the key stakeholders in the security and fire protection industries. IFSEC is one of the world's most prominent trade shows in the security sector and has been successfully bringing customers together for over 45 years.